Tips for a successful advertising gift’s choice

  1. Consider that the Promotional Gift you have chosen will be used by the persons you want to attract or retain as customers.
  2. Consider that this option should have a long-term lifetime for the sake of Corporate Image.
  3. Make sure its quality and aesthetic presentation as well as the quality of its construction.
  4. The choice of your gift must be proportional to the services and profile of the product and the Company Identity.
  5. Use high resolution files and quality photos for info data.
  6. Be clear with the “message” you want to communicate and the slogan of your choice.
  7. Consider that this option will be part of the company’s Interactive Marketing Campaign.
  8. Be creative and innovative when choosing your promotional gift. Also think if you would like to have one. Dream what the perfect message would be and do the best to do it.
  9. It’s not always true that most customers always mean more and more business profits. A smart approach is often a long-term strategy based on the preferences and loyalty of stable customers.
  10. Old customers, with a high level of satisfaction, are the most willing to acquire new services and promote your company to friends and acquaintances.
  11. Always remember that your customers are currently very well informed and free to choose from many different products and services from other companies.
  12. The company should reward them for their choices in order to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with them.
  13. Identify your Premium clients and everyone who buys more than others to treat them as “special” customers as they are.